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    Perfect for short-term renters and home stagers
  • Swap or return items any time after 3 months
  • Delivery & assembly - $199
  • Monthly account fee - $12.95 per month
  • Bite-sized monthly furniture payments
  • Monthly payments go towards ownership
Most Popular!
    Lower monthly payments for longer durations
  • Swap or return items any time after 12 months
  • Free delivery & assembly
  • Lower monthly account fee - $8.95 per month
  • Lower monthly furniture payments
  • Monthly payments go towards ownership

Beautiful Living Made Easy

Get stylish furniture delivered & assembled.
Decide later what to return or own,
never paying more than retail.

Why buy furniture outright, when you can pay monthly and decide later what to swap, return or own?

How It Works

Changing the way you think about furniture

Get stylish furniture delivered and assembled, and decide later what to swap, return or own.
Monthly payments count towards ownership and you'll never pay more than retail to keep the pieces you love.

1. Pick a plan

Whether you need furniture for only a few months, or just want to keep your options open in case your needs change, we have a solution for you.

2. Choose your furniture

Our designers have curated a range of packages and individual pieces to suit all styles and budgets.

3. Get it delivered & assembled

Our team will deliver, assemble and setup your items in your room of choice. Free for Long-Term plans.

4. Swap, return or own

Decide later what to swap, return or own, never paying more than retail for items you choose to keep.

"more flexible and affordable than renting, and better for the environment"
"Breeze Furniture aims to break the cycle of short-term disposable furniture ownership"
"Are furniture subscriptions the way of the future?"

Need styling help?

Our packages have been curated by interior designers so all your pieces go together. Simply pick a room that fits your vibe.

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Say goodbye to fast furniture

We wanted a better way to furnish our homes.
Better for us, better for our environment.

What a pleasure it has been to deal with Breeze. From the moment I first discovered them to delivery. The furniture is of high quality, immaculate condition and has turned my apartment into a home. So happy with everything, I highly recommend them!

- Meray A.

Easy, quick, and convenient. All I had to do was select the furniture I wanted and agree on a delivery date. Once it delivered, it was even assembled for me, which was a huge selling point. Did not need to go out to shop, browse, and assemble any furniture. Would highly recommend supporting this business for anyone who values convenience.

- Joey L.

I’ve been using a lounge chair and a desk from breeze for more than 6 months and love the quality of their furniture. Love the system, I pay monthly. They also deliver without all the boxes and packages so it was super easy to setup in my house, and saves the environment.!

- Vivian P.

Great value, high quality furniture; supported with excellent customer service. I would highly recommend Breeze Furniture.

- Alex T.

I would highly recommend Breeze Furniture for their service. High quality furniture with affordable amount. Thanks again.

- Sharlene J.

I moved to Melbourne and needed a couch for a few months until I was able to find one after my renovations. Breeze provided a top quality couch - which I ended up purchasing outright!

- Andrea C.

Really happy with the service and products from Breeze. I had a lot of items to buy and the subscription option has saved me the cost of paying for it all at once.

- Amy G.

Thanks to Breeze, this has been my easiest move. Literally saw my home come to life without lifting a finger.

- George W.

Very efficient and friendly. All the furniture came quick and super clean. Love love the furniture! They have the most trendy and comfy catalogue and prices are great. Actually has made life so much easier. So happy, highly recommend!

- Jian S.

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