Why we started Breeze


We were tired of the old way of shopping for furniture

Spending weekends in crowded shops and long lines
Spending thousands of dollars furnishing a temporary home
Wasting days waiting for delivery guys
Spending hours assembling furniture
Trying to get rid of large, unsightly boxes
Dealing with furniture that’s no longer needed
Buying things we regretted later
Furniture Waste Sydney Jan 2020

It was hurting our environment

We’ve been taught that fast furniture is the way to live flexibly
It’s cheap, you can buy it and change it as you like
This has led to more furniture being thrown out than ever before
An average Australian household throws out ~24kg of wooden furniture a year – which could mean over 80 million kgs in Melbourne and Sydney alone
What we’re not told is that 85% of furniture we throw out can’t be recycled
Shocked? So were we. This photo was taken by us in Sydney earlier this year
Which has fueled the growing piles of furniture waste ending up on our landfills


About us

We’re a young Australian team who wanted a better way to furnish our homes freely. With the likes of Netflix and GoGet, our generation has experienced the joy of accessing things we want flexibly without ownership. Yet for furniture, something both bulky and expensive, we are stuck with the old way.

We’re here to change that. By removing the big-ticket expense and offering a stress-free and truly flexible way to shop for furniture, more and more Australians are experiencing a better way to furnish their homes freely. Better for us, better for the environment.