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From $26.36/mo

The Ara rug by LaForma features a sleek geometric design, hand woven in 100% pure wool.

From $31.96/mo

The Sonos bench is a natural reclaimed elm top with raw edges and black painted metal legs.

NB: The timber used in this range is reclaimed elm timber. Each handmade piece will naturally have distinctive characteristics such as cracks, splits and imperfections due to the nature of the wood. Any variations in colour, texture and pattern are not faults but should be appreciated.

From $9.96/mo

The Maiten by LaForma is mirror coat hooks and shelf in one. Constructed of solid oak whitewashed finish with a shelf and three stainless steel hooks. Being a solid timber each piece has its own unrepeatable streaks and shades making each tray different and unique.

From $19.96/mo

The Rem set of 3 mirrors by LaForma are varying in size for the perfect grouping. They have a metal frame finished in antique copper and black.

From $31.96/mo

The Neida rug by LaForma is a lightweight rug made of wool and viscose. It is hand woven and made of natural materials, with each piece exhibiting unique and varying grey tones.

From $13.96/mo

The Cellini mirror by LaForma is rectangular shape and constructed of a metal frame with a timber shelf in an antic finish.

From $19.16/mo

The Go rug by LaForma is a cotton chenille jacquard rug. Stamped with beige base and garnet brushstrokes with pink highlights.

From $23.16/mo

The Salette rug by LaForma is 100% handmade of wool and PET, a material that is obtained from the recycled plastic treatment. It's neutral blue and grey tones will play well in most living and dining rooms.

From $21.96/mo

The Gwenda Rug by LaForma is a textured rug with a striped design in black, grey, beige and maroon tones.

From $79.96/mo

Our Vinny sofa by LaForma features a modern take on a classic design, upholstered in a grounding grey fabric that will pull together the rest of your living space.

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