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$76 / month

The Kaia living package is our Scandinavian take on a modern living space. Designed to maximise functionality, the Jacques Platform doubles up as extra seating for your guest, with the Beyer Sofa Bed transforming your living room into a sleek guest room if anyone decides to stay.

Features the Beyer Sofa Bed, Jacques Platform, Rocky Chair and Noel Floor Lamp.



$101 / month

The Soho living package brings a casual contemporary feel to the modern home. Designed in a neutral colour palette to suit most interior finishes.

Includes the Brax Sofa, Baxter Table, Soto Chair and Emery Floor Lamp.



$138 / month

Upgrade your living space with the Xavier Living Package. Featuring a number of our premium products, each piece offers a visually stunning sillouette and come together as a sleek living space that both looks and feels great.

Includes our Leny Sofa, Vanja Table, Hakon Chair and Emery Floor Lamp.



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