Frequently Asked Questions

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Where did the name, Breeze, come from?
Breeze was borne from our desire for a stress-free way to shop for furniture freely. We were tired of spending thousands of dollars and hours of stress furnishing a temporary home, and repeating the same process each time our needs changed. Our goal is to offer a convenient and truly flexible way to create a beautiful home, and make moving and dealing with furniture a Breeze. 

What is your mission?
Furniture waste is a huge problem in Australia. We’ve all seen the mountains of used furniture that appear on the kerb during a council clean-up, most of which is disposed to landfills. Our mission is to offer a better way for our generation to furnish our homes – better for us, better for the environment.
What are the benefits of subscribing to furniture?

We believe spending hundreds of dollars and wasting weekends furnishing your home doesn’t make sense, especially when it’s for a temporary place.

Breeze makes it easy to create a beautiful home – without committing to owning furniture. We offer a range of modern furniture and designer styled packages for a low monthly price, with delivery and assembly included on all orders. We make it simple to create a home you love, that can change as your life changes.

How can I reach someone?
We’re always here to help with any questions you have. The quickest way to reach us is via chat on our site. General inquiries can be sent to


How does a Breeze Subscription work?

Subscribing to furniture is simple!

1. Browse our range of designer curated packages and individual items and add your favourite items to your cart.

2. After checking out, our team will reach out to confirm your order and organise your delivery date and time.

3. On your delivery day, simply have the space for your furniture ready, and we’ll have everything brought in, assembled and set up for you.

4. If you want to change your items or end your subscription, simply give us 2 weeks notice.

How long do I have to subscribe to?
Breeze subscriptions are a minimum of 4 months. If you need your items for less than 4 months, we can pick them up early, however, we will still need to process payment for at least 4 months.

Are there any minimums to my subscription?
We have a monthly furniture minimum of $150/month.
When will I be charged? When does my subscription officially begin?
After checking out, we will send you a payment link for your credit or debit card to be charged for the first month. Your subscription starts on the day of delivery and your subsequent subscription fee will be charged on a recurring monthly basis on the same day of the month as your delivery date. This ensures you are only paying for furniture from the time it arrives in your home!
What happens if I need to end my subscription early?

Not a problem! If your circumstances change and you need to cancel your subscription earlier than expected, simply contact us and we can adjust your last payment.

For example, if you signed up to a 12 month subscription and it’s now month 10, we’ll make a final payment adjustment for the difference between a 10 month subscription rate and what you’ve already paid:

  • What you would have paid in a 10 month subscription: 10 x $30 = $300
  • What you’ve already paid so far in your 12 month subscrpition: 10 x $25 = $250
  • End of contract invoice = $300 – $250 = $50
What happens at the end of my subscription?

It’s as simple as when you first signed up! You’ll have the option to:

  1. Continue enjoying your furniture for the same monthly price
  2. Swap out your items if your needs or preferences change – we’ll pick up your old items and deliver and assemble your new items for free
  3. End your subscription and return the items you no longer need – you can drop them off to us or our team can pick them up for $199 pick up fee
Can I buy an item during my subscription?

Absolutely! If you fall in love with an item and are ready to own it, simply contact us. You’ll never pay more than the retail price so you don’t have to worry about paying more than buying upfront.

Delivery & Pickup

How much does delivery cost?
We offer free delivery and assembly on all orders, no matter how many items you need.
Where do you deliver and how long does it take?
We currently service most of Melbourne metro.

We deliver and assemble as early as one week from order confirmation.

If you live outside of Melbourne, sign up to our newsletter and we’ll keep you informed as we expand!

Do I need to do anything to prepare for my delivery?
Our service is white glove – we’ll take care of delivering the items in the rooms of your choice, assembly, and the removal of packaging. We just ask that you have the space ready for our team.
What if something doesn’t fit through the door?
Dimensions of all our products can be found on the individual product pages. Our team are experts in maneuvering large and heavy items to fit through almost any entryway, but we encourage you to measure your own entryway and let us know if you are concerned about a tight fit. If we arrive with an item that cannot fit into your home, there will be a restocking fee of $59 per item.


Where is your furniture from?
All our furniture is sourced from local Australian suppliers. We choose our partners very carefully to ensure we are always delivering quality, stylish furniture. A number of our suppliers have fitted out some of Australia’s best hotels and leisure venues – most of our items are built to withstand commercial use and most wooden furniture is made of solid wood, so you can rest assured you’re getting furniture that’s built to last.
Is your furniture always new?
Most of our items are brand new, but some of the more popular pieces may have been lightly used by another Breeze customer. Before any furniture is delivered to your home, it undergoes a strenuous sanitation and quality control process by our in-house team. Anything that doesn’t make the cut is donated to charity.

Our circular business model ensures that our furniture is made to survive multiple lives, as it always was in the past, and stays out of landfills.

What kind of condition do items need to be returned in?
It’s exactly like renting a place! Just take care of it like it’s your own and don’t stress about general wear and tear.
What happens if I break or stain an item?
Don’t stress about it, we know accidents happen. Most of our items are commercial grade and we can typically get most stains out when we receive it back from you. For extensive stains or damage, please contact us so we can discuss and evaluate next steps.